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Choosing a psychiatrist is an important step in improving and enhancing your well-being, or that of your child.

Dr. Douek is a board-certified psychiatrist with a sub-specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry who believes that trust and confidence in your doctor is vital to improving mental health. That’s why she builds a therapeutic alliance with all involved family members, working with therapists, pediatricians, school teachers and family to coordinate care and empower patients.

Dr. Douek believes that every patient, adult, adolescent, or child, deserves a doctor who will:

  • Listen to you, your challenges and your needs, without feeling judged.
  • Answer your questions so that you feel informed.
  • Help you better understand what you’re going through.
  • Work with you to determine your best treatment options.
  • Prescribe medication when it’s needed and risks and benefits are understood.

“My daughter was going through an academic decline over the past six months and my husband and I were at a loss. We are so grateful that we found Dr. Douek! She was able to bring everyone together, and my daughter is seeing the results.”

“Dr. Douek has been a godsend. Her patience and willingness to explain everything in ways that I not only can understand, but I can incorporate into my daily life makes all the difference.”

“I’d been to several therapists, most of whom just wanted to medicate me and get me out the door. Dr. Douek listened and worked with me to develop a plan that I understand and feel comfortable with.”