About Dr. Hendizadeh

Dr. Hendizadeh


Dr. Hendizadeh is a skilled physician licensed by the Medical Board of California specializing in General Psychiatry. She completed her undergraduate degree in anthropology at UCLA with honors, which is where her admiration for a non-judgmental and curious lens towards human behavior formally began. She then studied medicine at the UC Irvine School of Medicine where she obtained her medical degree (M.D.) and chose to pursue psychiatry since she was most impressed by the psychiatrist’s role in helping people recognize their self-worth and potential. She completed her psychiatry residency at Kaiser Permanente where has excelled personally and professionally. She also provided psychiatric services to teens and adults at the highly reputable Mind Study Center in Pasadena.

Dr. Hendizadeh is passionate about getting to know each patient by recognizing how an individual’s unique life experience can affect them in ways that could tie into their overall mental health and well-being. She has developed a special interest in the interconnection between physical health, neurosciences, genetics, environmental factors, and mental health. She has had extensive training and experience in various settings—from acute psychiatric presentations in the inpatient and ER settings, to episodic or chronic psychiatric illnesses in outpatient psychiatric clinics. She has experience treating many psychiatric conditions including mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, OCD, substance use disorders in teenagers and adults, anger management, psychotic disorders, suicidality, self-harm, etc. Her goal is to get to know her patients in a nurturing space so that she can help them enhance their self-awareness, growth, and self-compassion, and ultimately wants to help her patients incorporate these coping skills into their daily lives.

She advocates for a multi-disciplinary approach to include lifestyle modifications, mindfulness techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and more. She takes into consideration many factors including physiological, social, psychological, and vulnerability factors in her diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendations. She aims to not only treat mental illnesses but also promote mental flexibility and resiliency to increase a person’s confidence and self-reliance to manage external and internal obstacles.